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Silos And Bins

Bulk Storage - Crowley Engineering Ireland Crowley Engineering Ireland has forty years experience in manufacturing and assembling of food and grain bins. We manufacture most components using our plasma, CNC punch and CNC brake press. Crowley Engineering Ireland has the experience and skill to manufacture any size of bin for storage of either dry or wet material. Made from high quality galvanized sheeting bolted together with stainless steel bolts to provide a more durable and long lasting bin, which will require minimal attention over its lifetime. Crowley Engineering Ireland assembles bins/silos up to 60 tonne capacity in-house. Larger silos/bins are flat packed for export or to be assembled on-site. Crowley Engineering Ireland provide a full design fabrication and construction service, which will allow them to lift and assemble silos/bins in situ. Our bins are superior to any other bins or silos on the market throughout the world.

Bulk Storage

Crowley Engineering Ireland provides bulk storage bins/silos/sheds for all types of products, including seed, grain, powders, chips, flakes, pellets, cement etc. Each is tailor made and installed to the customers specific requirements taking into account future expandability and maintenance. Aeration is important to keep difficult products from compacting and to keep grain cool while in storage. Underground channels are covered with 'choc-bar' to allow the air pumped in by fan to rise through the product. The design of the choc-bar is such that it lets the air through without allowing the product down into the channel. This air can then escape through vents in the bin roof.

Flat Store/silo aeration, dust control, bin access hatches, catwalks, service platforms and access ladders are among the additional equipment, which Crowley Engineering will supply if required thus incorporating all machinery and control equipment necessary to complete your installation.

View our Silos And Bins Photo Gallery for examples of our work.

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